Resources to Fight Project Blitz

BlitzWatch provides talking points, sample social media posts, and sample action alerts to fight Project Blitz’s Christian nationalist model bills.

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Talking Points for Lawmakers of Faith

One of Project Blitz’s strategies is to label any legislator who opposes Christian nationalism as “anti-religious.”

However, lawmakers of faith are perfectly positioned to protect religious freedom by taking a stand against the sort of harmful legislation Project Blitz is promoting.

Disarm Project Blitz’s attacks on religious. Familiarize yourself with talking points specifically for lawmakers of faith.


Stopping “In God We Trust” School Display Bills

Teachers can already display the national motto. This is about forcing every teacher to do so, and every child to observe it, whether they want to or not.

Mandating “In God We Trust” posters in every classroom is exclusionary and unfair. Students and teachers have a variety of beliefs—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, to name a just a few. Public schools must be free from religious coercion based upon a particular set of beliefs.


Fighting “In God We Trust” License Plate Bills

Creating special “In God We Trust” license plates is exclusionary and divisive. Citizens have a variety of beliefs—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, to name a just a few. The state should not be imposing a particular religious viewpoint.

These “In God We Trust” bills force the state government to fund religious groups through the purchase of special license plates. Funds provided to these organizations lack transparency and accountability. If religious groups want to raise funds, they can do so⁠—but the government shouldn’t be fundraising for them.

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Opposing Bible Classes in Public Schools

Bible Class bills are unwise, even if they are not always unconstitutional. Public schools often fail to meet constitutional requirements, and classes often end up more like Sunday school than a secular course on the Bible.

Kentucky passed a Bible Class bill in 2017, and a review by the ACLU found that many of the offered courses violate the Constitution.

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Preventing Discrimination in Foster Care and Adoption

These bills would create a licenses-to-discriminate, allowing taxpayer-funded child welfare agencies to deny needed services to prospective foster or adoptive parents based on the agency’s or provider’s religious beliefs.

Child welfare systems must hold the best interests of young people as their first priority, not the beliefs held by the placement agency or its desire to discriminate against certain types of families. Taxpayer funds should only go toward ensuring that children are placed in loving, safe, nurturing environments as soon as possible.

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Religious Refusals in Health Care

A patient’s health should always come first. These bills would allow hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other individuals and institutions to deny a patient standard medical care based on their personal beliefs, not based on what is best for the patient.

Refusal of care means patients lose access to critical health care. Hospitals have refused to treat or refer someone who needs an abortion, and women suffering miscarriages have been denied the critical medical care they need. For women in small towns or rural areas, or in an emergency situation, a hospital or pharmacy saying “no” means women don’t get the care they need.